Beautiful Skin?

Not sure what I want to fill this with or have spilling from it but….it’s finished! This can be done with any bottle or jar. For this particular “vase” I used a YooHoo bottle, covered it in tissue paper and ModPodge and let it dry. Then I used air dry clay to create the wound. The stitches are made with twine. A final coat of watered down black paint and sienna paint made it appear blotchy and rotted. Creepy/cool and totally disgusting!

Come here my pretty!

What is Halloween without witches? Spells, potions and magic oh my! Just finished up a couple of witch’s potion bottles. Made from empty Patron bottles, these beauties are covered in tissue paper and Mod Podge, painted with acrylic craft paint and decorated with Halloween labels and spiders. Pretty scary stuff going on at Jenny’s!

Pumpkin Candy Holders

I love, love, love all things Halloween. One of my favorite Halloween/Christmas movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally are often my most favorite characters to replicate. Check out these very easy, fun, creative candy holders. You an find the tutorial here. After drawing, carving and hand painting, I added a couple of color changing lights I had on hand from Restoration Hardware to give Jack and Sally a festive glow. What other characters would you like to see made out of a pumpkin?

Lights off...

Lights off…

Lights on!

Lights on!

Cakes Against Cancer for Kids-Cake 4 Keegan’s Jesus Crushing Cancer

This little guy has completed his chemo! He was very adamant that Jesus crushed his cancer and wanted that to be represented on his cake. He and I share a favorite bible verse which was taught to me some years ago by the first child I ever came across with cancer. It was very special to me to incorporate this verse into Keegan’s cake.


Sadly, I did not get a photo with Keegan (he was busy eating lunch) 🙂 I did get cropped into a photo collage though!




Cakes Against Cancer for Kids-Cake 3 Brian’s St. Louis Blues







This is Brian! Can you guess what he’s in to? Sports. Any and all kinds of sports. Baseball, football and oh yes, hockey! I had the honor of creating my first jersey cake for Brian’s 16th birthday party-post cancer! He is currently in remission and doing well. Brian gave me a bit of schooling on sports and we talked a lot about the St. Louis teams. He is bright, funny, insightful and a total sports fanatic. I really enjoyed doing this cake for him and meeting him and his family was an honor! Such sweet people all the way around.


Hey Brian…GO BLUES!!



Cakes Against Cancer for Kids-Cake 2 for the lovely Pheonix


This was such a fun cake to do for Pheonix! She is a young lady after my own heart with her love of everything scary! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when I was informed her birthday would be on Friday the 13th and she would like to have a scary movie theme! Pheonix definitely got a scary cake- Jason, Michael, Freddy, movie reels and a marquis all in one cake. Every bit of this cake was hand made by me and completely edible with the exception of the light back lighting Jason.

Keep fighting Pheonix!



Cakes Against Cancer For Kids-Cake 1 for JJ



This is JJ and his Power Rangers birthday cake. JJ celebrated his 5th birthday over the summer. Had a little mishap during delivery and JJ’s cake ended up a bit squished to the side. While I panicked-everyone else took it in stride. JJ loved his cake! That is all that truly mattered anyway.

Still keeping up the little guy-he’s still fighting!



Cakes Against Cancer For Kids

Hello my lovelies! Long time, no blog. I’ve been busy! Really, really busy! I have a new love. It involves, kids, cakes and lots of smiles! For the past year I have been working with a wonderful charity organization called Cakes Against Cancer for Kids. Please visit their web page or their Facebook page to find out more about them. This wonderful group of people work hard all across the country on a volunteer basis to provide a birthday cake for kids who are fighting cancer. They also match volunteer bakers known as Gold Ribbon Bakers to children who have finished treatment. I am very proud to be a Gold Ribbon Baker. This year I have completed 4 cakes for 4 super kids! Some for birthdays, some for completing chemo. All of them warriors in my book.

Gold Ribbon Baker

Posting pics of the cakes soon!

Until then,