Beautiful Skin?

Not sure what I want to fill this with or have spilling from it but….it’s finished! This can be done with any bottle or jar. For this particular “vase” I used a YooHoo bottle, covered it in tissue paper and ModPodge and let it dry. Then I used air dry clay to create the wound. The stitches are made with twine. A final coat of watered down black paint and sienna paint made it appear blotchy and rotted. Creepy/cool and totally disgusting!

Come here my pretty!

What is Halloween without witches? Spells, potions and magic oh my! Just finished up a couple of witch’s potion bottles. Made from empty Patron bottles, these beauties are covered in tissue paper and Mod Podge, painted with acrylic craft paint and decorated with Halloween labels and spiders. Pretty scary stuff going on at Jenny’s!